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Updated 21 May 2019
Antarctica & Arctic books (new & used) - Title Author Pub. DJ? Format ISBN/ISSN
A Gun for a Fountain Pen - Antarctic Journal November 1910 - January 1912 George Murray Levick Levick, George Murray 2012   hb 978098730601
A History of Antarctica Martin, Stephen 2013 D/Ja hb 9781921719578
A Hostile Beauty - Life on Macquarie Island, used Dermer, Alistair / Wood, Danielle 2011 D/Ja hb 9780522855043
A Tale of Ambition and Unrealised Hope - John Montagu & Sir John Franklin Joel, Craig R. 2011   sc 9781921509827
Antarctic Adventure
The Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1955-58
Fuchs, Sir Vivian 1959 D/Ja hb nil
Antarctic Days with Mawson - a personal account of the British, Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition of 1929-31 Fletcher, Harold 1984 D/Ja hb 207148899
Antarctic Destinies - Scott, Shackleton & the changing face of heroism Barczewski, Stephanie 2007 D/Ja hb 9781847251923
Antarctic Eye - The Visual Journey - signed Andrews, Lynne 2007 D/Ja hb 9780646478395
Antarctic Sundays - A cooking adventure in a remarkable place Hacker, Zane 2014   hb 9780646920054
Antarctic Wildlife Hosking, Eric 1982 D/Ja hb 709912153
Antarctica - Authentic Accounts of Life and Exploration in the world's highest, driest, windiest, coldest and most remote continent Neider, Charles (ed) 1973 D/Ja hb 49100521
Antarctica a biography Day, David 2012 D/Ja hb 9781741669084
Antarctica An Absent Presence - contains 2 CD Samartzis, Philip 2016   hb 9780500500668
Antarctica and Back in Sixty Days Bowden, Tim
1991, 1992
  sc 1865080993
Antarctica on a Plate - she came, she saw, she burnt the toast Thomson, Alexa 2003   sc 1840244712
Antarctica The Last Horizon Bechervaise, John 1979 D/Ja hb 726904740
Arctic & Antarctica - Explore Earth's Polar Regions - wallchart Taylor, Barbara (DK Eyewitness) 2012   sc nk
Aurora Australis 1908-09 from Sir Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition 1907-09 Shackleton, E.H. 1988 D/Ja hb  
Australian Antarctic Science - the first 50 years of ANARE Marchant, Harvey J / Lugg, Desmond J / Quilty, Patrick G (eds) 2002   hb 1876934050
Birdie' Bowers of the Antarctic Seaver, George 1947 D/Ja hb nil
Born Adventurer - the life of Frank Bickerton Antarctic Pioneer Haddelsey, Stephen 2005 D/Ja hb 750940123
Chasing the Light - novel of Antarctica Blackadder, Jesse 2013   sc 9780732296049
Deadly Winter - the life of Sir John Franklin Beardsley, Martyn 2002 D/Ja hb 1861761872
Emperor Penguins - English translation from the French Rivolier, Jean 1956 D/Ja hb nil
Endurance - a novel of Ice, War and Adventure Griffiths, Tim 2015   sc 9781760111540
Endurance - An epic of polar adventure Worsley, F.A. / O'Brian, Patrick (preface) 1999 D/Ja hb 393046842
Erebus - The Story of a Ship Palin, Michael 2018   sc 9781847948137
Face to Face Polar Portraits Lewis-Jones, Huw 2008 D/Ja hb 9780901021083
Feral Dilemma - the life of a ranger on sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island Anderson, Michael 2014   sc 9780992551308
Flaws in the Ice - in search of Douglas Mawson Day, David 2013   sc 9781922070746
Franklin - Happy Voyager - being the life & death of Sir John Franklin Lamb, G. F. 1956 D/Ja hb nil
Franklin - tragic hero of polar navigation Lambert, Andrew 2009 D/Ja hb 9780571231614
From Snowdrift to Shellfire - Capt James Francis (Frank) Hurley 1885-1962 Millar, David P. 1984 D/Ja hb 908197594
Grue of Ice, novel set between Cape Town & Antarctica, searching for Thompson Island Jenkins, Geoffrey 1962 D/Ja hb 708903320
Have Sleeping Bag will Travel - the life of an adventurer - signed Foote, Brian / Marr, Joan 2006   sc 975173618
Ice in the Rigging - Ships of the Antarctic, 1699 - 1937 Mitchener, E. A. (Ted) 2015 D/Ja hb 9780646934556
In Bed with Douglas Mawson Cormick, Craig 2011   sc 9781742570082
In Search of the South Pole Herbert, Kari /Lewis-Jones, Huw 2011   hb 9781844861378
In Shackleton's Footsteps
A return to the heart of the Antarctic
Worsley, Henry 2011 D/Ja hb 9781905264933
Journey to the Polar Sea Franklin, John 2002 D/Ja hb 851777899
Key Environments - Antarctica Bonner, WN / Walton, DWH (eds) 1985 D/Ja hb 80288812
Lady Franklin's Revenge - a true story of ambition, obsession and the remaking of Arctic history McGoogan, Ken 2007   sc 9780553816433
Lady Spy, Gentleman Explorer - the life of Herbert Dyce Murphy Rossiter, Heather 2001   sc 1740510240
Life on the Ice - No One Goes to Antarctica Alone Smith, Roff 2005   sc nk
Macquarie Island Cumpston, J.S. 1968 D/Ja hb nil
Macquarie Island Nature Reserve - Visitor's Handbook National Parks & Wildlife Service, Tasmania 1987   sc 724620176
Madigan's Account - the Mawson Expedition, the Antarctic Diaries of C.T. Madigan 1911-1914 Madigan, J.W. (transcribed) 2012   hb 9781921767098
Mawson - a life Ayres, Philip 2003   sc 522850782
Mawson and the Ice Men of the Heroic Age - Scott, Shackleton, Amundsen Fitzsimons, Peter 2011 D/Ja hb 9781741666601
Mawson's Antarctic Diaries Jacka, Fred & Eleanor (ed) 1988 D/Ja hb 43202098
Mawson's Huts - an Antarctic Expedition Journal McGregor, Alasdair 1998   sc 868066532
Mawson's Huts - the Birthplace of Australia's Antarctic Heritage Mawson's Huts Foundation / Jensen, David 2008 D/Ja hb 9781741754360
Mawson's Huts - the Birthplace of Australia's Antarctic Heritage Mawson's Huts Foundation / Jensen, David 2014   sc 9781760112660
Mawson's Remarkable Men - personal stories of the epic 1911-14 Australasian Antarctic Expedition Jensen, David 2015   sc 9781760113339
Narrative of a Journey to the Shores of the Polar Sea in the years 1819-220-21-22 (Everyman's Library edition) Franklin, John     hb nil
New Explorers - Women in Antarctica Land, Barbara 1981 D/Ja hb 396079245
Notable Pathfinders to Arctica Currey, C.H. 1941   sc nil
One Small Island - story of Macquarie Island (children's) Lester, Alison / Tulloch, Coral 2011   hb 9780670072361
Pinto and the Nella Dan McLennan, Wendy / Maclaine, Catriona 2013   sc 9780987528100
Pinto and the Nella Dan - signed McLennan, Wendy / Maclaine, Catriona 2013   sc 9780987528100
Polar Castaways - Ross Sea Party (1914 - 17) of Sir Ernest Shackleton McElrea, Richard / Harrowfield, David 2004 D/Ja hb  
Poles Apart, Fascination, Fame and Folly (Also Antarctic Log)
Hansen, Anita & Brita (eds)
2018   sc 9780648141372
Quest For Franklin - centering on Franklin's disappearance Wright, Noel 1959   hb nil
Racing with Death - Douglas Mawson Antarctic Explorer Riffenburgh, Beau 2008 D/Ja hb 9780747580935
Shackleton's Argonauts - the epic tale of Shackelton's voyage to Antarctica in 1915 Hurley, Frank 1979 D/Ja hb 70935505
Shackleton's Forgotten Argonauts Bickel, Lennard 1982 D/Ja hb 333338677
Shackleton's Forgotten Expedition - the voyage of the Nimrod Riffenburgh, Beau 2004 D/Ja hb 1582344884
Shackleton's Whisky Peat, Neville 2012   sc 9781869799465
Shiver, a novel of Antartica Gemmell, Nikki 2004   sc 174051324x
Shores of Macquarie Island Bennett, Isobel 1971 D/Ja hb 851792243
Snow Petrel - a father/son voyage to Antarctica Tucker, Jon 2011   hb 9780980533262
South Pole Odyssey - selections from the Antarctic Diaries of Edward Wilson King, Harry (ed) 1982   sc 72701655
South with Scott Mountevans, Admiral Lord / Ponting, Herbert 1961 D/Ja hb nil
South with Scott Mountevans, Admiral Lord / Ponting, Herbert
1957, 1921
  hb nil
Southern Light images from Antarctica Neilson, David 2012 D/Ja hb 9780958575317
Southern Quest - A Journey of Discovery for Australian Antarctic Science Boyer, Peter / Antarctic CRC 2003   sc 1875796274
Terra Antarctica - looking into the emptiest continent Fox, William L 2007   sc 9781593761486
The Ambitions of Jane Franklin - Victorian Lady Adventurer Alexander, Alison 2013   sc 9781760292546
The Amundsen Photographs Huntford, Roland 1987 D/Ja hb 340412801
The Antarctic Problem Hunter Christie, E.E. 1951 D/Ja hb nil
The Great White South - or with Scott in the Antarctic Ponting, Herbet G. 1924   hb nil
The Heart of the Antarctic / South - The Endurance Expedition - two classic tales in one volume Shackleton, Sir Ernest / Hurley, Frank 2002   sc 734305087
The Last Great Quest - Captain Scott's Antarctic Sacrifice Jones, Max 2003 D/Ja hb 192804839
The Loneliest Continent - The story of Antarctic Discovery Chapman, Walker 1964 D/Ja hb nil
The Loneliest Mountain - the dramatic story of the first expedition to climb Mt Minto, Antarctica Hall, Lincoln 1989 D/Ja hb 731800516
The Lonely South - Kerguelen and the Antarctic Migot, Andre (trans R.Graves)
1957, 1958
D/Ja hb nil
The Longest Winter - Scott's Other Heroes Hooper, Meredith 2010   sc 9781848543065
The North Pole Peary, Robert E. 2001   sc nk
The Silence Calling - Australians in Antarctica 1947-97, the ANARE Jubilee history Bowden, Tim 1997 D/Ja hb 1864483113
The South Pole
An account of the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition in the Fram 1910 - 1912, English translation
Amundsen, Roald 2001   sc 1850654697
The Sub-Antarctic - Proceedings of a forum July 2006
Royal Societ of Tasmania
2007   sc nil
This Accursed Land - Douglas Mawson's incredible Antarctic journey Bickel, Lennard 2010   sc 9781921683046
This Everlasting Silence - the love letters of Paquita Delprat and Douglas Mawson 1911-1914 Robinson Flannery, Nancy (ed) 2005   sc 522851916
Two Below Zero - A Year Alone in Antarctica - Don and Margie McIntyre McIntyre, Don / Meredith, Peter 1996 D/Ja hb 9781862760189
Voyages of Delusion - the search of the northwest Passage in the Age of Reason Williams, Glyn 2002   sc 6532136
You Have to Be Lucky - Antarctic and other adventures - signed Law, Phillip 1995   sc 864177437