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Title Author Date D/Ja? Format The Book Cellar price
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200 Years of Australian Military Rifles & Bayonets Skennerton, Ian 1988 D/Ja hb $85.00
A Breath of the Wilds Foran, W Robert 1958 D/Ja hb $32.00
A Magnificent Obsession - a New Zealand hunter's adventures from Fiordland to Alaska Rees, Stuart 1995 D/Ja hb $36.00
A Picnic Party in Wildest Africa being a sketch of a winter's trip to Some (originally published in 1907) Bulpett, C.W.L. 2016   sc $10.00
A Sporting Trip Through Abyssinia - a narrative of a nine months' journey from the Plains of the Hawash to the Snows of Simien (originally published in 1902) Powell Cotton, Percy Horace Gordon 2013 D/Ja hb $15.00
A Sure Defence - the Bowie Knife Book Burton, Kenneth J 1988   hb $75.00
A Treatise on the British Military Martini - the .40 and .303 Martinis 1880 - c1920 Temple, B.A. & Skennerton, I.D. 1989 D/Ja hb $85.00
A Treatise on the British Military Martini - the Martini-Henry 1869 - c1900 Temple, B.A. & Skennerton, I.D. 1996 D/Ja hb $75.00
A Treatise on the British Military Martini - the Martini-Henry 1869 - c1900 - signed by both authors with an inscription Temple, B.A. & Skennerton, I.D. 1983 D/Ja hb $95.00
Adventurer's Paradise Scobie, Alastair 1955 D/Ja hb $5.50
African Hunter - Baron Bror von Blixen-Finecke - with editor's signature plate in the front Capstick, Peter (ed) 1986 D/Ja hb $45.00
African Hunting and Adventure - number 680 of limited edition of 750 Baldwin, Williams Charles 1967 D/Ja hb $85.00
Alaska Game Trails with a Master Guide, Hal Waugh Keim, Charles J 1984   sc $10.00
American Hunter - how legendary hunters shaped America Robertson, Willie / Doyle, William 2015 D/Ja hb $15.95
Among Swamps and Giants, in Equatorial Africa - an account of surveys and adventures in the Southern Sudan and British East Africa, 1902 Austin,Major H.H. 2015   sc $10.00
Animal Life in Africa Book III Stevenson-Hamilton, James 2015   sc $10.00
Antique Guns from the Stagecoach Collection - magazine Page Publications nd   sc $5.50
At Sundown, the Tiger - a novel Mannin, Ethel 1951 D/Ja hb $5.50
Bandoola Williams, J.H. 1962   sc $5.50
Bell of Africa - the greatest elephant hunter of them all Bell, W.D.M. 1961 D/Ja hb $45.00
Between Two Fires - the African saga of Margarete Trappe Capstick, Fiona Claire 2011 D/Ja hb $55.00
Big Game Hunting in New Zealand Joll, Gary 1971 D/Ja hb $10.00
Book of Guns and Gunsmiths North, Anthony / Hogg, Ian V 2003 D/Ja hb $10.00
Call of the Moose and other Fiordland hunting adventures Tinsley, Ray 1991   sc $18.50
Call of the Wapiti Tinsley, Ray 1979 D/ja hb $65.00
Classic Carmichael - stories from the field Carmichael, Jim 2015 D/Ja hb $65.00
Competitive Rifle Shooting - a practical guide to success with a service rifle Sweet, James nd   sc $65.00
Crocodiles and other characters Cole, Tom     sc $9.50
Deer Hunter Thomson, Joff 1952   sc $8.50
Deer Watch Prior, Richard     sc $10.00
Dewey Knives "No bells or whistles" - signed Dunn, John (ed)   D/Ja hb $32.00
Duck Hunting in Australia and New Zealand Byrne, Jack 1975 D/Ja hb $22.50
Elephant Bill Williams, J.H. 1978 D/Ja hb $10.00
Elephant Bill Williams, J.H. 1953   hb $7.50
Elephant Bill - Penguin paperback Williams, J.H. 1956   sc $5.50
Elephant Bill - Reprint Society Williams, J.H. 1951   hb $5.00
Facing the Big Cats Beatty, Clyde / Anthony, Edward   D/Ja hb $16.50
Firearm Blueing and Browning - a Samworth Book on Firearms Angier, R.H. / Arms & Armour Press, London nd D/Ja hb $185.00
Forest Life and Sport in India (originally published in 1910) Eardley-Wilmot, Sir S 2015   sc $10.00
From Pillar to Post (originally published 1912) Lowther, Cecil / Kipling, Rudyard 2013 D/Ja hb $15.00
Great New Zealand Deer Heads volume III Banwell, D Bruce 1989 D/Ja hb $295.00
Gun and Camera in Southern Africa - a year of wanderings in Bechuanaland, the Kalahari Desert, and the Lake River Country, Ngamiland with notes on colonisation, natives, natural history and sport (originally published 1893) Bryden, H Anderson 1988   hb $24.00
Gundog Sense and Sensibility Stephens, Wilson   D/Ja hb $36.00
Gundogs Monk, John   D/Ja hb $18.50
Gundogs for Field or Trial Burnell, Roy 1976   sc $10.00
Hindu-Koh - Wanderings and Wild Sport on and beyond the Himalayas (originally published in 1891) Macintyre, Donald 2015   sc $10-$15
Home Smoking and Curing Erlandson, Keith   D/Ja hb $10.00
How to Hunt Whitetail Deer Anderson, Luther A 1968 D/Ja hb $10.00
Hunter  Hunter, J.A. 1955   hb $10.00
Hunting Dizard and Strange     sc $29.99
Hunting for a Living Bowring, Russell 2016   sc $29.99
Hunting Winds Wallace, H Frank 1949 D/Ja hb $95.00
Hunting with Harker Harker, Peter / Eunson, Keith 1976 D/ja hb $16.50
In Haunts of Wild Game - A hunter-naturalist's wanderings from Kahlamba to Libombo (originally published in 1896) Kirby, Frederick Vaughan 2015   sc $15.00
Jaguar Hunting in the Mato Grosso and Bolivia de Almeida, Tony 2012 D/Ja hb $45.00
Jungle Life in India or the Journeys and Journals of an Indian geologist (originally published in 1880) Ball, Valentine 2016 D/Ja hb $15.00
Lion Hunting in Somaliland Melliss, Captain C.J. / Capstick, Peter (series editor) 1991 D/Ja hb $28.00
Mad for Zion - a biography of Colonel J.H.Patterson - signed Streeter, Patrick 2004   sc $26.50
Man-Eater, a novel Willis, Ted 1977 D/Ja hb $5.50
Man-Eaters of Kumaon Corbett, Jim 1970   sc $5.50
Mauser Bolt Rifles Olson, Ludwig 1976 D/Ja hb $30.00
Modern Reloading - ammunition reloading for the shooter, hunter and professional reloader with detailed loading techniques for quality and quantity production Lee, Richard 2001   hb $20.00
My Adventures in the Congo (originally published 1911) Roby, Marguerite 2013 D/Ja hb $15.00
My Bush Book Muir, Marcie      D/Ja hb $10.00
New Guinea Crocodile-Poacher Bahnemann, Gunther 1964 D/Ja hb $28.00
Nine Man-Eaters and One Rogue Anderson, Kenneth 2014   sc $16.50
Okavango Adventure in search of animals in Southern Africa Mallinson, Jeremy 1973 D/Ja hb $16.50
On Safari - Big-Game Hunting in British East Africa with studies in bird life Chapman, Abel 1988   hb $95.00
One for the Road Ruark, Robert 1967   sc $5.50
One Man and a Thousand Tigers (mis-spelt on cover) (originally published in 1959) Singh, Colonel Kesri 2015   sc $10.00
Original Oberndorf Sporting Rifles - Collector Grade Publications Speed, Jon / Schmid, Walter / Herrmann, Reiner 1997 D/Ja hb $365.00
Our African Adventure Morden, William & Irene 1957   hb $28.00
Out in the Midday Shade York, William 2000 D/Ja hb $36.00
Outdoors in Australia - bush experiences and hunting adventures Holden, Philip 1980 D/ja hb $35.00
Records of Big Game Africa - Rowland Ward's 29th edition - number 83 of 150 collector's edition Halse, J.A. (ed) - signed 2014   hb $112.50
Red Stags Calling Atkinson, G.G. 1974 D/Ja hb $45.00
Reflections of a Deerstalker Orman, Tony 1979 D/ja hb $20.00
Reminiscences of Sport in India (originally published in 1885) Burton, E.F. 2016   sc $10.00
Rifle Shooting - Sportsman's Bookshelf Volume V Stackpole & Heck Inc     sc $10.00
Rough Shooting Vol XI, The Sportsman's Library Yeates, G.K. / Winnall, R.N. 1948 D/Ja hb $7.50
Roughing it in Southern India (originally published in 1911) Handley, Mrs M.A. 2013 D/Ja hb $15.00
Royal Quest - The Hunting Saga of H.I.H.Prince Abdorreza Pahlavi of Iran Quimby, Bill 2004 D/Ja hb $85.00
Running the Amazon Kane, Joe 1995   hb $28.00
Scouting on Two Continents (originally published in 1926) Burnham, Major Frederick Russell / Everett, Mary Nixon 2015   sc $10.00
Secrets of the Sambar Volume 1 - signed copy available Mason, Errol 2007 D/Ja hb $125.00
Secrets of the Sambar Volume 3 - signed copy available Mason, Errol 2010 D/Ja hb $110.00
Service and Sport on the Tropical Nile - Some records of the duties and diversions of an officer among natives and big game during the re-occupation of the Nilotic Province (originally published 1903) Sykes, Clement Arthur 2015   sc $15.00
Seven Years in the Soudan - being a record of explorations, adventures and campaigns against the Arab slave hunters (originally published in 1891) Gessi, Romolo / Gessi, Felix 2015   sc $15.00
Sharps Firearms Sellers, Frank   D/Ja hb $85.00
Shooting and Shooting Bushcraft - an Australian book on guns, rifles, ammunition, stalking, decoys, skinning, game drives, bushcraft Edwards, S.H.(Barney) 1951   hb $22.50
Shooting in Cooch Behar - Thirty-seven years of big game shooting in Cooch Behar, the Duars and Assam, a rough diary of The Maharajah of Cooch Behar Wolfe Publishing Company 1993   hb $65.00
Solo Safari - Hunting Africa on your own without a professional hunter Cacek, Terrance 1994 D/Ja hb $49.95
Somaliland - being an account of two expeditions into the far interior, together with a complete list of every animal and bird known to inhabit that country and list of the reptiles (originally published in 1900) Peel, C.V.A. 2015   sc $10.00
Sport and Politics under and Eastern Sky (originally published in 1902) The Earl of Ronaldshay 2015   sc $15.00
Sport and Travel in India and Central America (originally published in 1897) Bagot, A.G. 2015   sc $15.00
Sport and Work on the Nepaul Frontier Inglis, James 2006   sc $10.00
Sport on the Nilgiris and in Wynaad (originally published in 1911) Fletcher, F.W.F. 2011   sc $10.00
Sport on the Nilgiris and in Wynaad (originally published in 1911) Fletcher, F.W.F. 2015   sc $15.00
Stanley's Emin Pasha Expedition (originally published in 1890) Wauters, A.J. 2013 D/Ja hb $15.00
Still Life - Adventures in Taxidermy Milgrom   D/Ja hb $16.50
Tales from Some Eastern Jungles Mitchell, K.W.S. 1928   hb $39.95
The Australian Hunter - a comprehensive guide to game, equipment, hunting and photography Allison, Col / Coombes, Ian 1969 D/Ja hb $45.00
The Authentic Animal - inside the odd and obsessive world of taxidermy Madden, Dave 2011 D/Ja hb $10.00
The Big Shots Ruffer, J.G.   D/Ja hb $10.00
The Book of Buckskinning Muzzleloader Magazine 1988   sc $32.00
The Complete Encyclopedia of Pistols and Revolvers Hartink, A.E. 1996 D/Ja hb $20.00
The Deer Farming Handbook Tuckwell, Chris     sc $18.50
The Diana Files - the Huntress-Traveller through History  Capstick, Fiona Claire 2004 D/Ja hb $85.00
The Heart of the Hunter van der Post, Laurens 1976   sc $5.50
The Highlands of Central India - Notes on their forests and wild tribes, natural history and sports (originally published in 1920) Forsyth, James 2015   sc $10.00
The Jungle in Sunlight and Shadow - tape repairs Champion, F.W. nd   hb $20.00
The Land of the Lion (originally published 1909) Rainsford, W.S. 2013 D/Ja hb $15.00
The Large Game and Natural History of South and South-East Africa (originally published in 1875) Drummond, William Henry 2013 D/Ja hb $20.00
The Martini-Henry Notebook - the life and times of a grand old rifle Cobb, Malcolm 2006   hb $145.00
The Nile Tributaries of Abyssinia and the Sword Hunters of the Hamran Arabs Baker, Samuel White 2008   sc $10.00
The Old Man and the Boy- worn Four Square edition Ruark, Robert 1967   sc $5.50
The Old Man's Boy Grows Older - worn Four Square edition Ruark, Robert 1968   sc $5.50
The Pictorial History of Knives, Daggers and Bayonets Capwell, Dr Tobias 2010   sc $7.50
The Practical Hunter's Dog Book Falk, John R   D/Ja hb $16.50
The Royal Tiger of Bengal, his life and death (originally published in 1875) Fayrer, Joseph 2013 D/Ja hb $10.00
The Shooter's Bible No 44 1953 edition Stoeger 1953   sc $20.00
The Tiger Roars Anderson, Kenneth 1967 D/Ja hb $45.00
The Wheel of Life - a life of safaris and romance Allen, Bunny 2008 D/Ja hb $45.00
Thirty Years of Shikar…(originally published in 1895) Braddon, Sir Edward 2015   sc $15.00
Through the Highlands of Siberia (originally published 1904 Swayne, Major H.G.C. 2013 D/Ja hb $15.00
Tiger Trail  Stobart, Tom 1975 D/Ja hb $28.00
Top End Safari - modern travel amongst Northern Territory wildlife and wild men McCristal, Vic 1966 D/Ja hb $28.00
Twelve Hundred Miles in a Wagon (originally published 1895) Balfour, Alice Blanche 2015   sc $10.00
Use Enough Gun - worn Corgi edition Ruark, Robert 1972   sc $28.00
What Every Gun Should Know Hobson, JC Jeremy 1989 D/Ja hb $10.00
Wild Animal Ways Seton, Ernest Thompson 1916   hb $18.50
Wild Animals in Central India (first published in 1923) Dunbar Brander, A.A. 2009 D/Ja hb $32.00
Wild Sports of Burma and Assam (originally published in 1900) Pollok, FitzWilliam Thomas 2010   sc $10.00
Wild Sports of the World - a Boy's Book of Natural History and Adventure (originally published in 1862) Greenwood, James 2015   sc $15.00
William Cotton Oswell - Hunter and Explorer: the story of his life with certain correspondence and extracts from the journal of David Livingstone, hitherto unpublished, Volume 1 (originally published in 1900) Oswell, William Edward 2015   sc $10.00
Wind in my face - shikars and safaris of a Cazador of Mexico Thummler, Hubert / Quimby, Bill 2006 D/Ja hb $95.00
With Flashlight and Rifle - a record of hunting adventures and of studies in wild life in equatorial East Africa Volume 2 Schillings, Karl Gerog et al 2015   sc $5.50
Woodleigh Bullets Loading Manual McDonald, Geoff / Wright, Graeme / Bossert, Hans 2014   hb $40.00