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Title Author Date D/Ja? Format The Book Cellar price
A Bibliography of Publications on the New Zealand Maori and the Moriori of the Chatham Islands Taylor, C.R.H. 1972   hb $19.95
Australians in the Waikato War 1863-1864 - signed, numbered edition Barton Leonard L 1979 D/Ja hb $65.00
Cloud Farm - High on Banks Peninsula Chetwynd, Jane 2004   sc $10.00
Common Birds of New Zealand 2 - Mountain, bush & shore birds - Mobil New Zealand Nature Series Marshall, Kinsky & Robertson 1994   sc $5.50
Family Life in New Zealand 1880-1890 - booklet for children aged 8 to 12 - signed Reed, A.H. 1969   sc $5.50
Games and Dances of the Maori - a guide book for teachers Physical Education Branch, Dept of Education 1972   sc $12.50
Goldie  Blackley, Roger 1997 D/Ja hb $55.00
Gulf Crump, Barry 1964 D/Ja hb $18.00
He Pūkaki Māori - a guide to Maori sources at National Archives He Taonga Te Reo 1995   sc $9.50
Images from a Limestone Landscape - a Journey into the Punakaiki-Paparoa Region Dennis, Andy / Potton, Craig 1987 D/Ja hb $15.00
Kaikoura Coast - the history, traditions and Maori place-names of Kaikoura Elvy, W.J. 1949 D/Ja hb $28.00
King Potatau - An account of the life of Potatau Te Wherowhero the first Maori King Te Hurinui, Pei 1959   hb $365.00
Land of Memories - a contemporary view of places of historical significance in the South Island of New Zealand Adams, Mark / Evison, Harry 1993   sc $9.50
Land of My Children Wilson, Helen 1955 D/Ja hb $12.50
Looking Back - a photographic history of New Zealand Sinclair, Keith / Harrex, Wendy 1978 D/Ja hb $10.00
Man of the Mist - a biography of Elsdon Best Craig, E.W.G. 1964   hb $22.50
Maori Action Songs - Words & Music, Actions & Instructions Armstrong, Alan / Ngata, reupena 1973   sc $9.50
Maori Customs and Crafts Picture Dictionary - Seven Seas booklet Armstrong, Alan 1973   sc $5.50
Maori Houses and Food Stores Phillipps, W.J. 1952 D/Ja hb $22.50
Maori Life in Old Taranaki Houston, John 1965 D/Ja hb $185.00
Maori Place Names in Buller County Mitchell, G.G.M. 1948   hb $55.00
Maori Place-names of Canterbury Beattie, Herries 1945   sc $48.00
Maori Religion and Mythology Part I Best, Elsdon 1976   hb $39.95
Maori Religion and Mythology Part II Best, Elsdon 1982 D/Ja hb $49.95
Maori Storehouses and Kindred Structures - houses, platforms, racks and pits used for storing food etc Best, Elsdon 1974   hb $45.00
Maori Wars of the Nineteenth Century Smith, S Percy 1910   hb $65.00
Maori Wood Sculpture Barrow, T 1969 D/Ja hb $28.00
Mr Explorer Douglas Pascoe, John (ed) 1969 D/Ja hb $35.00
Myths and Legends of Maoriland Reed, A.W. 1946 D/Ja hb $5.50
New Zealand Letters of Thomas Arnold the Younger with further letters from Van Diemen's Land and Letters of Arthur Hugh Clough 1847 - 1851 Bertram, James (ed) 1966 D/Ja hb $32.00
Of Toffs and Toilers - from Cornwall to New Zealand, fragments of the past - signed Buckley, Geoffrey Charles 1983 D/Ja hb $10.00
One of Us Crump, Barry 1962 D/Ja hb $12.50
Pathfinders in New Zealand - ex-library Hogg, Garry 1963 D/Ja hb $8.50
Pioneering in Poverty Bay NZ - cover damaged Kenway, Philip T 1928 D/Ja hb $12.50
Polynesian Mythology Grey, Sir George 1961 D/Ja hb $19.95
Polynesian Voyages - Dominion Museum Monograph No.5 Best, Elsdon 1975   sc $12.50
Popeye Lucas Queenstown - signed Lucas, F.J. 1968 D/Ja hb $14.50
Rail - Auckland to Onehunga Railway Centennial 1873 1973 Souvenir Issue Green, R Brett 1973   sc $5.50
Rail - Coaling from the Clouds Meyer, R.J. 1981   sc $9.50
Rail - NZR Locomotives and Railcars McGavin, T.A. 1973   sc $9.50
Rail - Otago Central RailTrail - from steam trains to pedal power Graham, Owen 2004 spiral sc $5.50
Rail - Pioneer Electrics - a survey of railway electrification in the South Island Pickering, A.J. / Spicer, I.D. (ed) 1970   sc $5.50
Rail - Rail Museums in New Zealand booklet McGavin, T.A. / Turner, D.L.A. nd   sc $3.50
Rail - Rimutaka Railway, extracts from A Line of Railway Cameron, W.N. 1992   sc $24.50
Rail - The Steam Locomotives of New Zealand, the Formative Years 1872-1908 booklet Bullock, Ian nd   sc $5.50
Rail - Trains at Work in the North Island Murphy, J.A. / Radcliffe, G.T. 1973   sc $5.50
Rail - Trains at Work in the South Island Murphy, J.A. / Radcliffe, G.T. 1973   sc $5.50
Rail - Trains at Work on the West Coast Murphy, J.A. / Radcliffe, G.T. 1974   sc $5.50
Redemption Songs - A Life of Te Kooti Arikirangi Te Turuki Binney, Judith 1997   sc $24-$39.95
Reeds' New Zealand Christmas Annual - damaged A.H. & A.W.Reed 1947-48   sc $5.50
Samuel Butler at Mesopotamia Maling, Peter Bromley 1960   sc $9.50
Savage Life and Scenes in Australia and New Zealand - being an artist's impressions of countries and people at the Antipodes with numerous illustrations originally published in 1847, here reproduced as 2-volumes in 1 Angas, George French FACS   hb $42.00
Small Birds of the New Zealand Bush Power, Elaine 1970 D/Ja hb $10.00
Some Aspects of Maori Myth and Religion - Dominion Museum Monograph No.1 Best, Elsdon 1973   sc $12.50
Spiritual and Mental Concepts of the Maori - Dominion Museum Monograph No.2 Best, Elsdon 1973   sc $12.50
Te Arawa - a History of the Arawa People Stafford, D.M. 1967 D/Ja hb $145.00
Te Manawa o Tuhoe - the Heart of the Tuhoe - photographs O'Connor, Terry / Melbourne, Hirini 1997   sc $18.50
Te Rauparaha - a new perspective Burns, Patricia 1983   sc $36.00
The Arts of the Maori Instructional Booklet - Action Songs Arts and Crafts Branch, Dept of Education, Wellington 1972   sc $5.50
The Arts of the Maori Instructional Booklet - Carving Arts and Crafts Branch, Dept of Education, Wellington 1970   sc $5.50
The Arts of the Maori Instructional Booklet - Ceremonial Costume Arts and Crafts Branch, Dept of Education, Wellington 1972   sc $5.50
The Arts of the Maori Instructional Booklet - Ceremonial Costume Arts and Crafts Branch, Dept of Education, Wellington 1978   sc $5.50
The Arts of the Maori Instructional Booklet - Single Long Poi Arts and Crafts Branch, Dept of Education, Wellington 1972   sc $5.50
The Arts of the Maori Instructional Booklet - Tukutuku and Kowhaiwhai Arts and Crafts Branch, Dept of Education, Wellington 1976   sc $5.50
The Astronomical Knowledge of the Maori - Dominion Museum Monograph No.3 Best, Elsdon 1972   sc $12.50
The Coming of the Maori Buck, Sir Peter / Te Rangi Hiroa 1970   hb $24.00
The Coming of the Maori Buck, Sir Peter / Te Rangi Hiroa 1949 D/Ja hb $32.00
The Great Carved House Mataatua of Whakatane Phillipps, W.J. / Wadmore, Dr J.C. nd   sc $12.50
The Great New Zealand Myth - a study of the discovery and origin traditions of the Maori Simmons, D.R. 1976   hb $45.00
The Life and Times of a Good Keen Man Crump, Barry 1992 D/Ja hb $16.50
The Maori as he was Best, Elsdon 1974 D/ja hb $19.95
The Maori Division of Time - Dominion Museum Monograph No.4 Best, Elsdon 1959   sc $12.50
The Maori History & Places Names of Hawke's Bay Buchanan, J.D.H. / Simmons, D.R. 1973 D/Ja hb $55.00
The Maori School of Learning - its objects, methods and ceremonial - Dominion Museum Monograph No.6 Best, Elsdon 1959   sc $12.50
The Moa-hunter Period of Maori Culture Duff, Roger / Skinner, H.D. 1956   hb $28.00
The New Zealand Wars and the pioneering period - 2 volume set  Cowan, James 1983 D/Ja hb $125.00
The Pa Maori - an account of the fortified villages of the Maori in pre-European and modern times Best, Elsdon 1975   hb $45.00
The Pacific Readers - Reader 6, Southern Cross Series - worn Whitcombe & Tombs Limited nd   hb $5.50
The Shadow of the Land - a Study of British Policy and Racial Conflict in New Zealand 1832-1852 Wards, Ian 1968 D/Ja hb $40.00
The Stone Implements of the Maori Best, Elsdon 1974   hb $45.00
The Story of New Zealand: Past and Present - Savage and Civilized in two volumes (volume 1 poor condition) Thomson, Arthur S 1859   hb $85.00
The Strangest War - the story of the Maori Wars of New Zealand 1860-1872 Holt, Edgar 1962 D/Ja hb $16.50
The Whare Kohanga and its Lore Best, Elsdon 1975   hb $24.00
Treasures from the Land - Crafts from New Zealand, exhibition booklet various 1985   sc $5.50
Tuhoe - The Children of the Mist 2-volume set
A sketch of the origin, history, myths and beliefs of the Tuhoe tribe of the Maori of New Zealand; with some account of other early tribes of the Bay of Plenty district
Best, Elsdon 1972/1973 D/Ja hb $225.00
Urewera National Park - Handbook Urewera National Park Board 1968   sc $10.00
War in the Tussock - Te Kooti and the Battle at Te Porere Wilson, Ormond 1961   sc $19.95
Yesterday's New Earth - New Zealand's Geothermal Landscape Potton, Craig / Wood, Peter 1990 D/Ja hb $15.00